Skateboard Deck Buying – A Guide for Parents and New Recruits

This guide is intended for parents buying for their children or beginners with no previous experience of skateboarding.

First off, what is a deck? A deck is a wooden bit you stand on. If you just buy a deck, you don’t get the trucks or wheels – you are not buying a complete skateboard!  If you want to buy a ready-to-ride skateboard, you can see our extensive selection in the Completes section.

At Skateboards of Choice, we don’t sell decks of poor quality, so you can be sure that whatever you plump for, the quality will be good. All our decks are made from 7-ply maple wood – the best and most reliable material for skateboard decks.

The main consideration when buying a deck is the size. Most decks are 31 inches long by 7.75 inches wide. The width is the most important measurement and is often used in the deck name, so if you see a deck called “Element Featherlight 7.75 Logo Deck”, the 7.75 is referring to the width of the deck.

Most decks measure between 7.5 inches and 8.5 inches wide. Which is right for you? Well, the thinner the board, the lighter it is, so a 7.5-inch wide deck is ideal for younger people or people who do lots of technical tricks like ollies or kickflips, which are easier to do if the deck is light. If you are an older skater (with size 8 feet or above) you might want to consider a 7.75-inch wide deck – this is the most popular size. If you are a big fella with big feet, then an 8-inch deck or 8.125 decks could be right for you. Also, skaters who ride pools, bowls and big transitions prefer bigger decks as they give more stability. If you are not sure, just go for a 7.75-inch wide deck – you can’t go far wrong with this.

To shop by deck size, click on the “Skateboards” tab at the top left of the homepage, then click “Skateboard decks” from the resulting dropdown, and then, on the left of the screen below the long list of brand names is a box that says “Deck Width”. Just click on the deck width you want and the website will list all decks in that size – clever eh?

Another major consideration is which brand to go for. We stock decks from over 40 different brands, so the choice is daunting. Let’s break it down into the following categories:

If you are looking for a cheap deck: we sell “Blank decks”. These are decks with no brand name attached. They are often made in the same factories as major brands. The blanks we sell are 7-ply Canadian maple and have proved to be popular with our customers over the years. Fracture and Enuff also make decks for under £30 and these are very reliable.  If you can stretch to £34 for a Jart board, do – they are very tough and reliable and made in the EU.

If you are buying for a young child (junior school age): Fracture and Enuff are popular brands with this age group, as are Blind, Darkstar, Element, Flip, Plan B, and Toy Machine.

If you are buying for a teenager/young adult: 5 Boro, A Third Foot, Alien Workshop, Almost, Anti Hero, Baker, Blueprint, Chocolate, Cliche, Crayon, Creature, Death, Enjoi, Girl, Habitat, Heathen, Heroin, Hook-Ups, Jart, Karma, Krooked, Landscape, Mystery, Real, Santa Cruz, Sk8 Mafia, Stereo, The Harmony, Unabomber, Zero, Zoo York are all popular with this age bracket.

If you want to support UK skateboard brands: The only brand that actually makes decks in the UK is A Third Foot, who make their decks in Birmingham from Canadian maple. But the following brands are all UK companies who either get their decks made in China or the USA: Blueprint, Crayon, Death, Enuff, Fracture, Heathen, Heroin, Karma, Landscape, Motive, the Harmony and Unabomber.  The other brands we sell are all American.

I don’t care about what’s cool, I just want the best: Here at Skateboards of Choice we sponsor a few local riders, and they all like brands distributed by Deluxe distribution, and these include Anti Hero, Real, Krooked, and UK brands Crayon and Witchcraft. But a lot of really experienced riders swear by Element, so it might be worth checking them out. Plus, a few years ago, an independent survey of over 100 skateboard deck brands found that Jart was the most resilient, and they are cheap too, so it’s definitely worth considering Jart.

Here are some other frequently asked questions:

Do I have to buy grip tape as well? No, if you buy any deck, the free grip tape is automatically added to your basket. If you want us to apply the grip tape for you, either tick the “Assembly” box on the deck product page or write “please grip my board” in the Special Instructions box at the end of the checkout process.

What if I want to build my deck up into a complete skateboard? You will need to buy trucks from the Trucks section, and wheels from the Wheels section. Trucks are sold in packs of two, and wheels are sold in packs of four, enough for one skateboard. If the deck you have bought is between 7.5 inches and 7.875 inches, you will need trucks in the 7.75 width category. To view these, click on the “Skateboards” tab at the top left of the homepage, then click on “Skateboard Trucks” from the resulting dropdown, and then below the list of brands you will see a table with “Truck Span” written above it. Click on 7.75 to see all the relevant trucks. For decks between 8 inches and 8.5 inches wide, you should go for trucks with a span of 8 inches.

For wheels, the most popular size is 52mm or 53mm. To view these, click on the “Skateboards” tab at the top left of the homepage, then click on “Skateboard Wheels” from the resulting dropdown, and then below the list of brands you will see a table with “Wheel Size” written above it. Click on 52 or 53 to see all the relevant wheels. The best wheels are Spitfire, Hubba, Pig, Bones, and Autobahn.

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Bike Review

Summary Score: 9.4/10

The sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s is going to be a lot different to any other bike you’ll ride. It’s got a really laid back style and the design of the bike with low to the ground pedals, angle of the pedals from the seat and the upright handlebars, make it a very safe commuter or fun cruiser for easy riding.


The price for the sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s bike is ok. Within the range of bikes we’ll be reviewing, the price of this bike is a bit more than the others. Having said that, it’s still really good value and well below the cost of a mountain bike or road bike although the differences are very obvious with this bike!!

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Bike

Quality of the Components

The sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s bike components can be broken down into various areas that determine the quality. Each of these components can in isolation drop the overall rating for a bike review, simply because the weakest part may be the area which causes the bike overall to be lower quality, i.e. a low-quality seat isn’t really an area for concern as opposed to low quality brakes or gears which make a bike unsafe or hard to use.

Frame: Simple aluminium frame with fixed fork, no suspension. Nice low step through model makes it easy to get on/off the bike.

Seat: Comfortable brown synthetic leather seat. Seat is mounted back from the pedals to ensure good distance to the pedals while maintaining a low to ground position to allow the rider to place their feet on the ground easily.

Pedals: Good basic pedals.

Brakes: Standard linear pull brakes (clincher style). Nice and simple, just be careful if you’re riding downhill to keep your speed under control as you won’t be able to stop in a hurry with this brake configuration as opposed to other bikes with disc brakes.

Gears: Shimano 7 speed – gears are changed using a rotary mechanism on the handle grip. This is ok but can cause some difficulties. It certainly keeps the aesthetics of the bike looking good and makes for smooth gear changes.

Wheel set: 26 Inch wheels with white-walls – nice old style cruiser look. These are a little more susceptible to punctures due to the lower tyre pressure and wider surface area so just keep your eye out for nails!! The wheel rims and spokes are nice looking without taking away from the overall look for the bike.

Weight: 41.4 pounds or 18.8 kilogramsQuality of the Components 9/10

East & Costs for Maintenance

If you use the bike a lot, you’re bound to need to do maintenance at some point. That might be as simple as fixing a flat tyre, adjusting the gears or changing brake pads.

The sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s bike gets a top mark for ease and cost of maintenance. This is due to the fact that you’ll be able to do a lot of the work yourself. The wheels are easy to remove with quick release levers, the seat can easily be adjusted, brake pads changed and with a bit of knowledge, you could even adjust the gears.

If any of the work is outside of your comfort zone, any bike shop will be able to do the maintenance for you due to the very common nature of the components and easy access to parts.Ease & Costs for Maintenance 10/10


The bike gets a top rating for comfort. It’s designed to be a safe and laid back comfort machine. If you’re looking for a bike to cruise around in that looks great this is it. The fenders will protect you in wet conditions too so an extra mark for this too, plus a carrier if you want to put some extra luggage on the bike for your trip.


The sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s bike is a great looking bike. As with other reviews, this is a personal preference because you might actually be looking for a more slick speed machine. This is a slightly retro look to it with the fenders, chain guards, carriers, seat, and white wall tires but it makes for a very cool statement.

It definitely doesn’t have any poor looking features. Look 10/10

Electric Bike Movement is coming to a Trail near You!

Pedal power is a thing, as a result of the e-biking movement’s rise. New Zealand might not be on a par with the likes of China, where over 30 million electric bikes are being bought.

However, if sales and import figures are anything to go by, the e-bike revolution is coming to a town near you.

The Johnstons are possibly best known as the owners of Replete Cafe and Store, a Taupō establishment on the café scene. They’re passionate about their hometown as well as the recreation opportunities it poses, including mountain biking. With 25 years of Taupō riding under his belt, Chris knows the paths pretty nicely, but he and Kathy were discovering that work-related commitments had left them with less time to get outside and ride. They started to think about how they could find more time – for fitness, but also just for the love of this.

electric trail biking

Top Gear Cycles proprietor Mark Gibson, when hearing their plight, suggested they attempt some e-bikes. He said they would get them and they would breathe fresh life. When a buddy lent that an e-bike to Chris he saw precisely what Mark was talking about, so Kathy and that he went back into the bicycle shop and ended the offer of attempting a few.

Mark Gibson states Kathy and Chris are typical of these top the revolution that is the e-bike.

“There’s a very major market amongst baby boomers, that are becoming near hitting retirement age and are searching for a low-impact exercise to benefit their health. E-bikes are fantastic for this, particularly for those who have knee and hip issues,” Mark states.

Mark adds that using bike brands that are large on board today is a marketing machine. He says it’s not but they’re currently seeing an increase in earnings in the 30-50 age group.

“It sounds plenty of couples wish to ride together around the NZ Cycle Trails, also e-bikes make riding the longer space of the paths achievable, particularly where there is an imbalance of fitness between two individuals.”

Mark states the largest barriers to individuals trying to ride a bicycle are saddles, headwinds, and mountains. Headwinds and hills are dealt with by an e-bike using their technologies, and there are many very good saddles available a fantastic bicycle shop can make anybody feel comfortable.

Chris and Kathy could not agree more. When they started out in their e-bikes they could not think the space they insured, the researching they did, and they returned home with no’ with a grin in their faces completely spent’. A year after Kathy and Chris ride exploring the community of neighborhood mountain bicycle trails that are back-country than they could.

Kathy says it is reintroduced e-biking and e-bike sharing on trails. “It is not a chore to head out on extended rides, it has become a joy again.” She commutes to work on her e-bike and loves that she is able to arrive in clothing without being sweaty and hot.

Chris says that he clocked up 1500 kilometers in five weeks and wrapped on his e-bike. “Requirements in Taupō let you do this,” he states. The pumice land is free-draining, meaning mud does not have a possibility on the paths.

Telling a Yarn… About Yarn

Rapport had dwindled between the bunch and the date has been led nowhere, quickly. Would you wish to check in Jon Klassen’s artwork? ”’ states Barnett. “Not a fantastic sign.” Clicking through Klassen’s website portfolio, the set chanced upon a fast drawing of a woman and a puppy wearing matching designs. The erstwhile suitor started turning a yarn immediately. “The woman, knitting herself a scarf, had some additional yarn than knitted a puppy a sweater also. That response from her gave me the basis of her character,” he remembers. Extemporaneous tales did not enhance the date, however. “I understood it had been great, and she had been underwhelmed.” Plus, “She also gave it a genuine Gee, traditional picture book finishing.”

This was about four decades back, in 2008. He delivered the illustrator the manuscript about a year afterward, hoping he’d want to operate on it. Fortunately, Klassen was flattered: “It is 1 thing when they compose a story and you are like, ‘Oh, thanks! That is awful.’ However, Mac’s a fantastic storyteller.”

The publication includes bright and loyal Annabelle, a small girl living in a snowed-in city, who finds a “box full of yarn of each color.” Not only does she sew the rainbow, but it turns out that this box comes with an unending source of yarn. After she is knitted sweaters for everyone in the city, she covers all of the critters and, soon enough, the buildings and articles. The place is full of rainbow knitting. Hearing the siren call of this yarn box (who would not need it), in swoops a greedy archduke with suspicious intentions. Find out more knitting tips and ideas and help you decide on what you want.

In 29 years old, Barnett’s done a reasonable bit where storytelling is worried. Following an editorial stint in McSweeney’s, the publishing house based on writer David Eggers, Barnett was an executive manager of the Los Angeles chapter of 826 National, a children’s tutoring and literacy nonprofit. Currently based in Oakland, California, he has continued on 826LA’s board of directors while focusing on children’s novels such as his coming Chloe and the Lion (Hyperion). He speaks passionately on the topic of children’s literature and also the condition of the business, lamenting the numerous Disney film tie-ins along with also the “glut” of lackluster film books.

In the sound of this, the Extra Yarn alliance was perfect. Friends already, both talked things over throughout the case process, and the narrative was constructed about Klassen’s work anyway. “It was not just he’d shot the sketch composed this item, but he had looked at my things previously and taken into consideration the things that I prefer to perform,” like “setting the publication in a darkened village at the snow,” says Klassen wryly.

Obviously, a white-blanketed city is the best background for Annabelle’s lively knitting. Additionally, states Klassen, “Materials for children can get very hyper.” He loves the challenges of drawing on snow white voids you don’t really draw, but contextualize. In Annabelle’s city, subsequently, the sides of buildings are vibrant stockinette contours, and their roofs have been left blank to indicate snow.

Klassen fleshed out the story in a way that surprise, also. There is a list of individuals for whom Annabelle knits sweaters: dad and mom, a Mr. and Mrs. Pendleton, and end with “small Louis.” Barnett imagined “small Louis” is a baby, however, Klassen attracted a tiny bearded man holding a cane and performing a jig. Small Louis “is a fantastic example of how a cooperation between a writer and illustrator may lead to a surprise,” supports Barnett, “which one-plus-one-equals-three sort of scenario.”

After analyzing cartoon, Klassen moved into L.A. to function from the movie studios and also to Portland, Oregon, for a spell, making set designs for Coraline (2009), the stop-motion 3D movie that heavily featured knitting. Two decades back, he left cartoon to dedicate himself to kids’ books. “Once I got into novels, I felt at home,” he states because successive storytelling is the foundation for the two forms. Thus far, so great.

Paralleling the box of yarn comprised of Extra Yarn, the writer possesses a cedar chest stuffed with thirty-some sweaters and asserts his darning abilities are strong. “Even though I can not make them, I am very selective about these,” he states, despite strange ones thrown (“I have this one bizarre thing. I am waiting for Kenny Rogers to invite me into a Christmas celebration in Vail. I believe that is what that sweater’s for”) and compulsive purchases, like the too-big sweaters in the Maltese island of Gozo. However, he will wax lyrical about the virtues of lopi. “I wish I had been sporting my Icelandic sweater at this time,” he says over the telephone. “I am shifting into it. We could say, ‘He wore his Icelandic sweater to get the meeting. ”’ He supposes his scarf fixation could be the end result of some youth sheep-shearing episode in New Zealand. He trimmed “a fantastic part,” and after that afternoon the sheep exacted revenge by chomping down on his own hair–fiber brothers henceforth.

The book’s case of Annabelle and her puppy is near the first, except at the first they wear patterned sweaters (“such as the Icelandic sweater which I am currently wearing,” says Barnett). Klassen started by drawing on patterning but favored simplicity: “This way we had been freed up with all the colors” He purchased a beige hand-knitted sweater by a thrift shop and photographed it from a light table to shape the stitches. He then colored the yarn contours, including the rainbowlike variegation that is so attractive. It reads nicely “was a lucky break,” he states, “since the majority of the focus on the publication is coming from yarn individuals, knitting individuals, and they understand the pits, so if we had gotten it wrong, they would call us.”

Knitters know Annabelle’s activities, but what exactly does the mustachioed archduke desire using a box of yarn? Does this mean he is a knitter? “That man, he does not do the job. I am convinced in his cellar are knitting children” Klassen points out that the Archduke is a “right arrow” that “does not learn his lesson” “She is not someone who had to be taught the lesson of sharing or generosity or creating sweaters for individuals.

However, the writer was not aware of the clinic when he published the book It was “undoubtedly about, but I definitely was not cool enough to learn about it.” Maybe it is a testimony to the urge to cover the entire world in yarn, actual or fanciful. Says Klassen, “I had heard of the notion of covering inanimate objects with yarn for a fad, or at least heard of people doing it until this publication–but it actually was not on our heads” They are thankful for the relationship and also the popularity their publication is beginning to gain one of the knitters.

To promote the publication, they are holding The Extra Yarn Contest, requesting organizers to fairly up their shops by knitting sweaters for objects–since Annabelle does in the book–and sending photographs. The decoration is an example of the storefront by Klassen, and runners-up will get a signed limited edition print out of Extra Yarn. (It is also open to dye shops which sell books–but play honest!)

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Should you have float in your cleats?

We Figure out which Kind of cleats Must Be Straightened to your Sneakers, and Whether you Need to have float

Platform size, bearing caliber, cleat lifetime, compatibility with different bicycles — all these are simply a couple of the factors a rider should be thinking about.

On the peak of this list, nevertheless, must be the float. Nevertheless, in regards to pedal setup, this is 1 place where your own physiology has to be the prime element in making a selection.

It’s been a long-held view that the vast majority of professional riders urge the usage of a fixed-position cleat — the rationale being that the stationary position allows for quite a power-efficient pedal stroke, even as no undesirable motion of the leg is permitted.

Now, however, even the experts are coming around to the idea that mended may not be best.

He states: “Most cyclists, even the experts, need a certain level of a float at particular points inside the pedal stroke.

Floating cleats were created to permit a small amount of sideways rotational motion of the foot when trimming to a pedal. This motion, normally in the kind of the heel going towards or away from the bicycle, enables the foot to center throughout the pedal stroke.

The most important reason riders pick a floating cleat is the positioning of this cleat on the bottom of this shoe is less crucial than that of a fixed-position cleat. This enables any cyclist to place their own cleat place at home comparatively easily.

Various manufacturers provide cleats with varying levels of float constructed in, together with their fixed-position cleats.

Look, by way of instance, provides a cleat using 9° and also one with 4.5° of float (crimson and gray respectively), together with the figure denoting the number of levels of heel spinning it can take to disengage the cleat in the mechanism.

Shimano includes a center-floating yellowish cleat that provides 6° of motion at both toe and heel, a grim cleat that only pivots in the toe and a reddish fixed-position cleat.

Speedplay simplifies matters by enabling private alterations via grub screws to tailor-made in float out of adjusted around 15° of motion. For more information about e-bikes or bikes please feel free to reach us.

But do you require float? For many riders, a little bit of float can be useful and the favorable character of harm avoidance far outweigh the perceived slight loss of energy transport efficiency.

When a driver with adjusted cleats is put on the saddle their toes and buttocks are secured in place, the kinetic series is shut. Any strain to stabilise the pedal stroke has been consumed entirely from the knee joint; undue strain may result in accidents that might have been easily averted.

Cavell suggests a very simple method of assessing a demand for float is becoming someone to movie your pedal stroke by a frontal element, rather in slow motion. You ought to be able to readily recognise a demand for float by searching for any lateral foot motion.

Be aware, however, that knee pain may also be brought on by an excessive amount of float as frequently because it’s brought on by an absence of float. The quantity of float that’s best for you is crucial and occasionally without appropriate advice can be hard to guess.

Our take

Deciding the proper amount of float is simply 1 facet of a suitable cleat (and bicycle) setup and as such can’t — and shouldn’t be the determining factor when choosing your next pair of pedals and cleats.

As with any element of bicycle fit, if you’re experiencing pain or other difficulties it may be time for you to seek out the help of a specialist. Doing so will remove the guesswork involved and could just save a few painful experimentation.

Each rider is a person and also the total amount of float on your pedals ought to reflect that.

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Finding A Job In The Tech Industry In Three Easy Steps

In today’s tough and demanding job scenario, getting the right career break could be a tough tan difficult task for many of us. Though many of us are technically qualified and might have spent four or even six years to qualify adequately, finding the right break could often be a difficult task. So in this article, we will try and get some adequate answers to the question about finding a job in the tech industry. We will and look at three easy steps which perhaps might make this possible. We hope that it will be of help and assistance to hundreds of technically qualified men and women out there. It is quite obvious that many of them could be in for disappointment because of the nomenclature of jobs and vacancies that they come across.

They could come across jobs such as digital content manager, network administrator, website coordinator and more. For those who do not have adequate technical knowledge these could be difficult jargons to understand. Many of them might even give up on such jobs not knowing that they could be qualified and suitable for the same. While technically qualified persons can get such jobs, one needs to bear in mind that even not-so technically qualified people could have a shot at such jobs provided then know how to go about it. We will try and share a few important points which could perhaps help non technical persons in particular to try and land themselves a good and high paying job.

Take On Projects That Are Technical In Nature

The best way to test the waters and find if you are technically inclined is to try and gain some basic experience if you are a non-technical sort of a person. You have to try and look for some side projects which fits into your current role so that you are able to gather some much needed experience. Alternately, you could use your spare time to expose yourself. Being interested in the field is one thing and doing something about it is another thing. You must move from a state of taking it as a hobby and making it a serious career option. You must try and look at as many avenues as possible and gain as much technical experience as you possibly can.

Look To Startups

Startups are often the best place for non technical people to learn the tricks of the trade. This is because of a number of reasons. They generally do not go by the rule book when it comes to traditional job descriptions and requirements. They try and focus more on training the new employees and may not entirely be bothered too much about the technical background of the employees. Hence this could give the right atmosphere for such people to do well in their non technical fields and become a valuable tech person over a period of time.

Finding A Mentor

Finally you have to find out ways and means by which you can be attached to a mentor. The mentor should be tech savvy and this could be a blessing in disguise you in more ways than one. You must try and get firsthand knowledge from someone who is experienced and trustworthy and has the mindset to teach and guide you.