Electric Bike Movement is coming to a Trail near You!

Pedal power is a thing, as a result of the e-biking movement’s rise. New Zealand might not be on a par with the likes of China, where over 30 million electric bikes are being bought.

However, if sales and import figures are anything to go by, the e-bike revolution is coming to a town near you.

The Johnstons are possibly best known as the owners of Replete Cafe and Store, a Taupō establishment on the café scene. They’re passionate about their hometown as well as the recreation opportunities it poses, including mountain biking. With 25 years of Taupō riding under his belt, Chris knows the paths pretty nicely, but he and Kathy were discovering that work-related commitments had left them with less time to get outside and ride. They started to think about how they could find more time – for fitness, but also just for the love of this.

electric trail biking

Top Gear Cycles proprietor Mark Gibson, when hearing their plight, suggested they attempt some e-bikes. He said they would get them and they would breathe fresh life. When a buddy lent that an e-bike to Chris he saw precisely what Mark was talking about, so Kathy and that he went back into the bicycle shop and ended the offer of attempting a few.

Mark Gibson states Kathy and Chris are typical of these top the revolution that is the e-bike.

“There’s a very major market amongst baby boomers, that are becoming near hitting retirement age and are searching for a low-impact exercise to benefit their health. E-bikes are fantastic for this, particularly for those who have knee and hip issues,” Mark states.

Mark adds that using bike brands that are large on board today is a marketing machine. He says it’s not but they’re currently seeing an increase in earnings in the 30-50 age group.

“It sounds plenty of couples wish to ride together around the NZ Cycle Trails, also e-bikes make riding the longer space of the paths achievable, particularly where there is an imbalance of fitness between two individuals.”

Mark states the largest barriers to individuals trying to ride a bicycle are saddles, headwinds, and mountains. Headwinds and hills are dealt with by an e-bike using their technologies, and there are many very good saddles available a fantastic bicycle shop can make anybody feel comfortable.

Chris and Kathy could not agree more. When they started out in their e-bikes they could not think the space they insured, the researching they did, and they returned home with no’ with a grin in their faces completely spent’. A year after Kathy and Chris ride exploring the community of neighborhood mountain bicycle trails that are back-country than they could.

Kathy says it is reintroduced e-biking and e-bike sharing on trails. “It is not a chore to head out on extended rides, it has become a joy again.” She commutes to work on her e-bike and loves that she is able to arrive in clothing without being sweaty and hot.

Chris says that he clocked up 1500 kilometers in five weeks and wrapped on his e-bike. “Requirements in Taupō let you do this,” he states. The pumice land is free-draining, meaning mud does not have a possibility on the paths.